Having spent my life creating, from making clothes, designing art, doing the garden and interior decor ... hence I decided as a mature student to do a degree in 2-dimensional design at The University of Hertfordshire. Inspiration comes from my travels to the Greek Islands and the simplicity of life there, Cornwall for the beautiful artistic hertitage... plus things I like along the way.

Seeing beauty in what some might not, going along with my emotions. I have developed a simplistic rustic ambiguous style, scrolling between different media/texture and flipping into new colour palettes, following the ebb and flow to curate something new, adding words if I feel the desire. Often there are paintings hidden beneath the surface due to me changing my mind or just not being happy with it at a particular time. This is all part of my creating process. Knowing there are hidden paintings that only I know is quite exciting.

Working from home in Kimpton, Hertfordshire from the Studio Loft,  creating and expressing myself in painting, my style has varied through time which reflects in the emotional experimental nature of my work. Moving onwards I have taken an even more primitive approach, looking for an abstract connection, using lines and shapes, I've called this phase Blotches & Tokens... Simplicity is the ultimate goal.

Inspired by The Artists Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour and Jean Michelle-Basquiat for his graffiti style.

I have exhibted extensively over the years, including Herts Open Studios, Childwickbury, Living Crafts, Made in Herts County Show, Broadway Gallery, Art Nest, Kimpton and Ayot Art Shows to name a few.  For the past 10 years I have been one of the Curators of The Kimpton Art Show.

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